Durham, North Carolina, USA is the home of Brian Allen, artist, craftsman, and letterpress printer. The studio specializes in the synergy of restrained design, exquisite papers, skillful hand production, and the inherent tactile qualities of letterpress printing.

MANY PEOPLE FEEL OVERWHELMED BY TECHNOLOGY, their lives increasingly filtered through flat screens. They seek a healthier balance between their "virtual" lives and needs for community, connectedness to the physical world, and spiritual life.

Brian provides art and craft that help bridge this divide, made in a studio environment that celebrates the hand and the heart. Recipients make a more personal connection to unique works of handcraft, which support and enhance the fundamental need for human expression.

floral border green.jpg
floral border green.jpg

Letterpress printed work is imbued with humanizing and intimate qualities that you can touch.
I have a dedication to old-fashioned values of quality and craftsmanship.

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