I am an artisan and craftsman.
I give form to thought and emotion by expressing them through calligraphy and print, on paper and screen.

My greatest satisfaction is helping you express your own thoughts and emotions – your aspirations, your sorrows and triumphs, your words to live by.

A life well-lived has dimension:
physical in nature;
thoughtful in mind;
creative in spirit.

Works of craft, made by artisans     
with intention and imagination,
resonate with people creating their own
meaningful, well-lived, lives of dimension.
Brian Allen

I create pointed–brush, and broad–edged pen, calligraphic ink paintings and prints, and typographic broadsides/posters.

Like me, you probably feel overwhelmed by technology at times; increasingly experiencing the world through technological filters, the screens and displays of everyday life, which flatten our experience. We are distanced from each other and the natural environment. It is a world antithetical to the deep connections we need to feel fully human.

Thoughtful people like you understand the need for balance in life. I can help you find some of that balance with my artful words and imagery.

My art and craft seeks to symbolize the depth, layered nuances, and juiciness of life. Tactile papers, overlaid patterns of color and form – these are the means to evoke richness of thought, depth of feeling, and the urge to touch.

I have worked with letterforms and typography for over 40 years, from calligrapher and letterpress printer to 20 years of making digital fonts. My work joins together the legacy of the hand craft of calligraphy and letterpress printing with twenty–first century digital technology, and my own aesthetic sensibility, to give form to thought. 

My journey into art and craft sprang from a fascination with the subtle beauty of alphabetic forms – abstract marks that a society assigns meaning to. These forms denote a society as significantly as its architecture does.

I wish to honor the legacy of hand craft that I have learned by offering to you a well–designed and well–made work of art that supports your thoughts and emotions.

Originals and prints are available in my shop. Custom work can be arranged.