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Brian Allen is a craftsman dedicated to old-fashioned values of quality and appropriateness. He has worked with letterforms and typography for nearly 40 years, variously as a typesetter, calligrapher, in digital font production, and letterpress printing. Well-versed in the history and craft of making letterforms, and with his technical skills, Brian bridges the worlds of the handmade and the digital.

Artist Statement

I am a printmaker and artisan using fine-art printmaking techniques and letterpress printing presses. My art seeks to echo the layered nuances and juiciness of life. Tactile papers, relief printing, overlaid patterns of color and form are the means to do so – attributes that evoke richness, depth, and the urge to touch.

My journey into art and craft began from a fascination with the small, subtle, beauty of alphabetic letterforms and how they mirror the larger visual culture. The path has broadened to incorporate abstracted forms to suggest deeper meanings.

My work joins together the over 500-year legacy of the hand craft of letterpress printing with twenty-first century digital technology, and my own aesthetic sensibility, to give form to thought.